Cell Annotation Platform
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Creating Draft Publications and Uploading Datasets

To begin analyzing datasets, you must first create a draft publication.

  1. Select your username in the top right corner to expand your user actions menu and select Create Publication Draft.
The user actions menu with the "Create Publication Draft" option highlighted
  1. Enter the Title and Description and click Save Draft to make a new draft publication.
Create publication draft screen with a form prompting for a publication draft name and description.
  1. Select the Upload button in the top right corner or + button at the bottom right of the page to open the upload panel.
The draft publication with both upload buttons highlighted
  1. Click Select or drop files directly onto the panel to select datasets for upload. Once you have selected compatible AnnData files, click Start Uploading.
The upload panel into which users upload datasets prompts for a publication draft name and at least one dataset to upload.
  1. The status of the upload will be visible in the notifications panel as it is received and processed.
The notification panel with upload status.
  1. Once the upload is complete and has been processed by the system, the dataset will appear in the publication draft, ready for editing and publishing.
The publication draft page now has a dataset card representing the uploaded dataset. This card can be used to access the full dataset information.