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Publishing Workspaces

Once you are satisfied with the state of the datasets in the draft publication, you can publish the draft and make the dataset(s) within it public.

  1. Click Publish version to submit your draft review to data curation for review and publication on CAP.
Publish button highlighted
  1. If there are problems with the draft, such as missing fields or incorrect values, you will be re-directed to a list of the issues that need attention before you can submit your draft for publication. Click on the Edit buttons to correct the issues.
List of problems blocking publication
  1. Once all of the issues have been resolved, click Publish version and a pop-up window will confirm you want to submit the draft for review by a data curator. Click Submit for review to send for review and publication on CAP.
Publication preview
  1. The status of the draft will now be In review and data curators may reach out to you by email if there are any questions or issues. If you wish to withdraw the draft from review, click Cancel review.
In review status with cancel review highlighted
  1. Once the draft has been accepted and published by data curation, it will appear on your Drafts & Publications page as a publication and be visible to other CAP users.
Summary of publication with updated status
  1. If you wish, can edit your publication to create a new version for review and publication. The publication version, DOI and external url of your current publication can be viewed on the publication page.
Publication page with version, doi and link